21 April 2012

Japanese Food for Thought

Whether it is diving into a spa of naked ladies, or eating the strange concoction of ingredients on the plate in front of you,  I say go for it, no matter what. Maybe you're deathly allergic to shellfish or peanuts, and only then would I suggest making an exception.

The point is that you might not have an opportunity to try that food again, and tomorrow you'll be able to say you did that, and describe to others exactly what it tasted like.

I tend to try everything edible when I'm traveling. And then I return home and research what I just ate. Sometimes I wonder if I should be eating and researching in reverse order...

 The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reported in 2007 that Japan is home to less than 2 percent of the world's population, and accounts for more than 8 percent of the world's seafood consumption. My best guess is that this 8 percent has increased, considering this report indicating that global fish consumption is at a record high. 


 Gyutan, or grilled beef tongue, is a specialty of Sendai, a Northern Japanese city. Would you eat it? What about raw horse meat, fish sperm or whale burgers?

In 2010, Japan consumed 5,813 thousand kiloliters (or 1,535,632,134 gallons) of beer. That number maintained its seventh place on the Kirin Institute of Food and Lifestyle's list of global beer consumption by country. Above Japan on this list, in order, are China (#1), the United States, Brazil, Russia, Germany and Mexico. That number might have something to do with the fact that beer is available for purchase in vending machines on just about every street corner in Tokyo.

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