18 March 2009

Capoeira Lessons

This is my friend Diego Soledade.

He lives in Lencois, Brazil, which is a place that you should add to your list of places to go before you die if you are any sort of adventurer, climber, tree-hugger, or basically any type of person who enjoys the outdoors.

Diego leads precarious 6-hour, 10km treks to the Lencois waterfalls from the cobblestone town. He arrived at our hostile barefoot and stayed that way all day. This agile, energetic individual can do some amazing flips and flops from the cliffs that he's touring.

He's also incredible at Capoeira, an ancient Afro-Brazillian dance and martial arts ritual. You can check out the youtube link I've got up, or you can scope some of my pictures of Diego and his friends giving us a private show in the "Bob Marley Shrine Bar," as I like to call it, after the hike. I've never seen more Bob Marley images in a smaller space.

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