11 April 2009

Obrugado or da?

There was a certain degree of sadness in my writing as we sailed away from each port. Just when I gathered my bearings, met a friend, or just generally felt comfortable in a new place, it would be time to board the MV Explorer and venture to a new land of unknown.

As we sailed to Namibia I couldn't believe how much I had gotten out of only the first port. I left my journal with some final words of wisdom from South America...

I learned that Brazillians kiss long and hard with lots of tongue, often with many people per night. I learned that fried bananas are probably the only way anyone should eat bananas. I learned that to articulate 'thank you' in Portuguese, women say 'Obrigada' and men say 'Obrigado.'

And finally... I learned that smiles are universal, n
o matter the language of the mouths making them.

Obrigada, Brazil. You treated me well.

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