04 January 2011

24 Hours in Hong Kong

I don’t step onto land when I step off the ship in Hong Kong. Instead, I step into a hallway portal that spits me out into a fluorescently lit shopping mall. There’s a Starbucks next to Calvin Klein with a stack of newspapers on the counter all featuring Barak Obama’s face on the front cover. Today is November 13th, 2008.

It feels like a mile of window shopping before I see sunlight. I wait for the ferry from Kowloon Island to Hong Kong Island while Taylor buys an egg something from a street vendor.

 We get off the ferry and onto a two-story cab/bus that weaves between skyscrapers that make me feel as if I’m inside of a video game.

We ride the trolley up to Victoria Peak.

We stroll the Hong Kong Botanic Gardens…

And Hong Kong Park.

We catch the ferry back to Kowloon Island…

so that we can catch the light show at nightfall.

Before the night is through we’ll go over the ferry once more to drink at The Russian Vodka room, a bar made of ice. Too bad I’m allergic to vodka. I went for the parka, anyway.


  1. Hi! I loved the photos oh HongKong! The view looks fab from the botanical garden.
    I want to ask something. I hope you can help. Does Hong Kong have enough food options for vegetarians. As I am planning to go there, so I was curious to know.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.

      Honestly, I didn't spent enough time in Hong Kong to get to know it's food scene well, but I can tell you that in my many travel experiences I've found that it is never difficult to order vegetables wherever you go. There is a lot of egg in cooking in Hong Kong and bordering countries, so if you are a vegan it might be a bit more challenging. Produce, though, is something that you'll never have a problem tracking down across the globe.

      When you get back I'd love to hear what you found!